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I’m Harry, a top-rated digital marketing mentor and agency mentor, digital agency owner and entrepreneur.

My journey started at my kitchen table in a tiny rental property in the United Kingdon, where I struggled to get clients, manage them, and handle finances. But over time I learned many of the tools and skills needed to build a successful business.

I built my first digital agency some 20 years ago, then my second in 2017. After that I set up a small consultancy practice, invested in property and other businesses including this one.

My life throughout business, as painful as it was (especially at the start) has given me a life I could only dream of when I started. Now instead of working on the kitchen table I started on, I live in my large villa in Portugal, providing a fantastic life for my family.

Companies like Techstars and Seedstars put their faith in me as their digital marketing mentor and I’m proud to to have helped over 100 agency owners as well as business founders and startups to build a better business and life. I work with mentees from the USA, UK, Europe and worldwide, something I couldn’t have dreamed of when I started out.

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This where I live now, in my villa in the Algarve, Portugal. As impressive as it is, I want you to know this was not an overnight success and you should be sceptical of such stories. Read about my journey and how I bought this villa.

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My mentoring comes with a satisfaction guarantee; if you don’t find the session valuable as your digital marketing mentor, I’ll provide a free follow-up or a full refund. I offer this because I’m confident in my proven ability to significantly boost your revenue.

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