Corporate Training

I offer corporate training to companies of various sizes from startups to established multinationals.

My professional background as an educator and board advisor is ideally suited to corporate training. I have trained professionals on a 1-2-1 basis, group training, provided bespoke courses and evening classes for companies. I have personally trained hundreds of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.

I can help your business to improve in the following areas:

  • Upskill your team across a range of digital marketing, sales and leadership areas
  • Empower your team to become mentors and ambassadors within your corporate environment
  • Work 1-21 or in group sessions depending on your requirements
  • Whilst I deliver much of the training myself, I also have a team and together we can train any number of people from 1 to 500 and beyond, either online or in person

Case Studies

Impact edtech training

IMPACT EdTech is the European Incubator-Accelerator that helps EdTech start-ups & SMEs turn ideas into market-ready products. The programme was co-funded by the European Commission to boost innovation in education throughout Europe. I was hired to train and mentor edtech startup founders with a range of sales and digital marketing challenges.

Hereford College of Arts in the UK, is a prestigious further and higher education college and university that teaches a range of art, design and digital marketing courses. Over the period of 2 years I worked with the college to deliver a number of evening classes and group sessions.


I work as a Non-executive Director at AI Heroes, a leading generative AI agency in the Netherlands. Part of my role involves advising their senior marketing team, as well as working directly with then founder of this world-class agency.

Digital agency training

At Voodoochilli I provide workshops and training courses for businesses and organisations across a broad range of sectors as well as consultancy. Subjects I teach include SEO, digital marketing, leadership and sales.