Terms of Service

I’m delighted to have you embark on this exciting path with me. As we begin, it’s important to lay a foundation for a successful and clear mentoring relationship. Below, you’ll find some key terms that will help us work together effectively and make the most of this experience. Let’s dive in and make your entrepreneurial journey a remarkable one!

  1. Retainer Basis: You’re not just paying for sessions but for ongoing support including chat, access to our Slack group, emails, and calls. Missed sessions? Let’s chat and see if we can fit it in the current billing cycle. But remember, your retainer remains due even if sessions are missed or you take a break.
  2. Commitment is Key: I’m selective about who I mentor and expect you to be serious about this journey. If I feel you’re not fully engaged, I may open your slot to another mentee.
  3. Prompt Payments: Invoices are automatic and timely payment is appreciated. If there’s an issue, let’s talk. However, consistent late payments may lead to ending our mentorship.
  4. Cancellation Policy: Either of us can end the mentoring at any time. If you decide to cancel, just clear any outstanding invoices. Regular members may continue in our Slack group as long as they’re respectful and positive contributors.
  5. Respect the Network: Our Slack group isn’t for sales pitches. It’s a support network, not a marketplace. Please don’t solicit my clients or fellow mentees.
  6. No Guarantees: While I’m here to guide you, your success and failures are your own. By working with me, you acknowledge this and understand that I’m not liable for any business outcomes.