Does mentoring really work?

Yes, mentoring absolutely works. Most successful people have worked with a mentor of some form to get them to where they are. My success came about after I hired my own mentor. He also scaled his agency through a mentor before him, and so on. Still unconvinced? Check out some of the testimonials from people I have helped.

What are your credentials?

I’ve set up and run 6 businesses now and built a life for me and my family that I couldn’t have dreamed of when I started out. We live in a huge villa in Portugal purchased through all of that hard work. I’ve built 2 digital agencies, both generating 6-figures each year, a property business, a consultancy practice and a mentoring business where I have helped over 150 business founders from around the world. Companies like Techstars, Seedstars, numerous accelerators and incubators as well as large corporate companies put their faith in me as their mentor. I’m a board advisor on multiple company and non-profit boards. You can view my full creds on my LinkedIn page.

If you are so successful, why do you charge for mentoring?

Firstly, I’ve never claimed to be the most successful person out there. Far from it, I work with and am friends with many people far more successful than me – if you consider success a number in your bank account. Secondly, I often do pro-bono work as well as voluntary work for numerous organisations. However, the work I do as a mentor usually directly helps my mentees build their own bank balance so I feel it is only fair to charge a reasonable amount for my time. I’ve also noticed that those people I help without a fee tend to be less motivated and committed to the mentoring.

What does success look like for one of your mentees?

Success is subjective. When I started out I thought success would be building my agency up to 20 staff and a revenue in excess of a million pounds ($1.2m). Only later did I realise that it wasn’t the number of people I employed or the amount of revenue, but rather the profit I retained and the time I freed up that was important to me. This is time and money that has allowed me to set up a number of businesses including this one, but also live a far more comfortable and flexible life than was possible in employment.

For some people it’s hitting a certain financial milestone in their journey, for others it’s getting their first clients. For many it is financial freedom. All of these things are discussed on a confidential 1-2-1 level.

What is your mentoring success rate?

I have worked with countless mentees and have helped the vast majority of them to improve at a faster rate than they would otherwise. It’s hard to calculate an exact success rate but I’d estimate over 90% of the people I work with achieve a significant level of success directly as a result of the work we do together and the resources and assets I share with them.

Over 95% of the people I work with stay on after the initial call and so far the only complaints I’ve had are when I have had to let a mentee go due to my time commitments.

How long does it take to make significant progress?

It all depends on how committed you are to change. Those that are fully committed will obviously make quicker progress than others.

Some of the people I work with simply want help for a few months with a specific challenge, others it can be longer, however I think it is fair to say most, if not all will see a significant improvement in their life and business within 6 months if they are open to change and listen to the advice I have to offer. I personally hired a mentor for 4 years, getting huge value as I progressed within my business. Overtime my relationship with my mentor changed until he became more of a board-level advisor. Some of my more established agency clients have the same relationship with me today.

My agency is already established, would I still benefit from mentoring?

I usually work with smaller agencies (sub $1m). That said, I have worked with a number of larger businesses including huge agencies, accelerator-incubators and funded startups. I’ve also helped countless multi-million dollar companies through mentoring, consulting and digital marketing and coached and mentored senior teams from large organisations.

I sometimes assume the role of Non-executive Director in established businesses.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime without giving notice.

Why do you do this?

Because I love helping people. I started my career in education – empowering learning is my passion. However, I became disillusioned with the traditional education system and decided instead to create my own business. It was incredibly hard and I only started to make any progress when I hired a mentor. Since then my business has grown and I’ve set up a number of other businesses. This has allowed me to again follow my passion and help teach and mentor others.